Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to create a user account in your system?

When I create a user account, there are CE course package options available like Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Which one should I select?

What if I need more credits than your Silver, Gold, Platinum CE packages offer?

As a Silver, Gold or Platinum Account, do the purchased credits in my account ever expire?

Do I need use all the credits I purchased with the Silver, Gold, or Platinum package within a certain amount of time?


Is every course on this site approved for CE credit?

How do I know which courses have been approved by national organizations like ABO / NCLE, AOA Paraoptometric, COO, NACOR and COPE?

What if I have a state license in addition to, or in lieu of national certification?

Is there a way to sort the CE course menu to only show CE courses that are approved by my licensing board or governing body?

If I am certified and/or licensed by more than one licensing board or governing body, can I get those CE certificates as well?

How do I submit the CE test for score?

At what point do I request my CE certificate?

How long does it take to receive my CE certificate?

How do I get a CE certificate for an additional licensing board and/or governing body?

I forgot to request a CE certificate, how can I request one now?

ABO / NCLE Certified Optician - How does the ABO / NCLE know if I passed a CE test?

Licensed Optician: How does my licensing board or governing body know if I passed a test?

Optometrist: How does COPE know if I passed a CE test?

When I log into the ABO / NCLE or COPE website I do not see my online CE test activity, but it shows as successfully completed in "My Account" on your site.

What if I take a CE course in late December, just before my license or certification expires?

What if I need to speak to someone regarding the validity of an online CE course?