Pinnacle In Your Practice

How the Pinnacle Program can Benefit YOUR Practice

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Happy patients make positive referrals when their eyewear meets their visual and lifestyle needs.

Decrease Staff Turnover

Knowledgeable, cross-trained staff members are a practice's best asset. When a staff member excels at their duties, they are more likely to view themselves as a career professional rather than just an employee.

Reduce Remakes

Many remakes can be attributed to incorrect frame or lens selections or improper measurements. The Pinnacle Program equips your staff to reduce or eliminate many of these potential problems.

Increase 2nd Pair Sales

We'll help your staff recognize and maximize opportunities for second pair sales.


We make the logistics easy. You register attendees and provide meeting space, or schedule a training day in your office. We handle everything else.


Class size is limited to approximately 25 attendees. "Keeping it small" allows our instructor to work closely with your staff or attendees, providing the maximum benefit of this program.

You Provide
  • Meeting space
  • Work tables
  • Wall / screen for presentation
  • Breakfast and / or lunch for attendees (working lunch)
We Provide
  • Projector
  • Lensometers
  • Practice frames
  • Lenses in various Rx ranges
  • Adjusting pliers and tool kits
  • Frame warmers
  • Pupilometers
  • PD rulers, pens, and markers
  • Instructor, handouts and student materials