An Insight into 3-Piece Drill Mounts - LENSES

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What better way to offer customizing crafted eyewear to your patients than with three-piece rimless mountings? Especially with the rimless explosion that remains popular today. We begin with how to select the proper lens materials and lens designs for rimless eyewear by taking the patients Rx needs into consideration. Next we will explore recommendations that best suit the patient and the importance of the proper fitting and measuring. This course will also guide you on how to properly adjust the eyeglasses on the patient with confidence.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to: recognize the various mounts available today: evaluate the best overall look for the patient: learn about the latest lens treatments/options for rimless eyewear: fit the eyewear to the patient with certainty: select the appropriate hand tools when handling: adjusting the eyewear with confidence.