A 3-Point Touch on Soft Contact Lenses

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We are at a point in history where medical science has engineered and paved the way that we can offer patients the option to have their visual maladies remedied with soft contact lenses - which only in recent years have been available to the public. It is almost overwhelming to contemplate the totality of human history and then to reduce it down to the last 40 years or so of soft contact lens use. We will first navigate through a condensed history of soft contact lens developments. Then we will review some of the anatomical conditions related to soft contact lens use with potential contraindications and risks of use. Finally, we will pilot through the heart of the course - a soft contact lens overview; where we learn how to work with soft lenses in a practical application.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, the student will: Have a solid understanding of the history of soft contact lens development; Understand basic anterior eye anatomy and how various conditions are related to soft contact lens use; Have a basic understanding and working knowledge of soft lens material qualities and parameters; Understand the importance of proper soft contact lens fitting and follow-up.