Do You Have An Eye For Fashion?

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Fashion is an expression of individuality. It’s important to understand the current and past style trends and how it relates to the optical field. We will look through the years of how culture changes affected the need for eyewear on a functional basis and slowly transformed to the art of people making fashion statements. Fashion is indeed an important aspect in selecting eyewear as well as face shape and color tones. Once there is an understanding of style, trends, and future influence, this will aid the optician in making sophisticated decisions.
Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course the participant should be able to: Understand how face shape and color palettes work best with certain eye glass frames, gain knowledge of what a fashion designer is and the many styles involved in creating a look, understand how the past will shape our trends and resurface in the present, understand who is setting the fashion trends, be proficient in knowing the popular styles right now, the trends to come and what is on the horizon.