The Abbe Value, Chromatic Aberration and the Eye

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Aberration as seen by the observer is induced by multiple factors. Injury, illness, surgical intervention and ocular materials add to the equation. The following course reveals cause and effect explained by science and symptoms experienced by patients pertaining to low and high order aberrations. The course segways from the power of the eye to the pathology of chromatic aberration then to materials v-value or Abbe value.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to: understand that higher order aberration in the eye is complex and requires familiarity with definitions and anatomy; understand chromatic aberration in lenses is a problem found in all optical devices and that early microscopes identified the aberration and this science crosses over to optical for further remedy; understand formulas relating to ABBE value; comprehend eye surgery now corrects aberration and patient/customers expect healthcare workers to know about their condition and surgical outcome.