Provocative Language - The Systematic Abuse of Employees

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We have created, as a society, a culture of abuse in the retail sector. In business, we have trained our client base and even our staff that being abusive to our employees is acceptable behavior. We have begun a reward system for wild outburst in our dispensaries. We ignore internal abuse and harassment. Running a successful business means more than running. This course is about standing your ground and facing up to the social awkwardness of shutting down abusive behavior. We will take a look at the cost of business as well as the cost of what’s bad for our business.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to: examine the reasons we need to put an end to the practice of ignoring and even rewarding bad behavior; examine the roles and relationships between employees and employers; discover ways to allow them to better communicate and work cohesively; identify abusive behavior and correct it; discuss the advantages of an educated and cross trained staff; gain insight being the dependable, strong leader your team can count on every time.