Fifteen Amazing Concepts to Share with Your Patients

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As eyecare professionals we are enthralled with the anatomical wonders, refractive capabilities and technological advancements of all-things related to the eye and vision care. The truth is, the optical nerd side of us is interested in the intricacies of the profession -the “why?” We want to know the abbe value of the polycarbonate lens we are dispensing. We want to know if it will cause our +6.50 diopter hyperope to experience an unacceptable level of chromatic aberration. Is it truly necessary to convey this information to our patients? Do we really need to explain the difference between pantoscopic and retroscopic tilt? Generally, it is only self-serving to use industry jargon with patients; however, there are times when it is entirely beneficial to elucidate on an area of eyecare that you feel may add to the care of a patient. Sometimes it is nice to educate patients just to establish professional authority. Other times it is nice to inspire your patients with the wonder that is eyecare. Most importantly, we want our patients to fully comprehend why we make the decisions we do with their care.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to: have a solid understanding of a variety of concepts that are commonly explored within the optical setting; form engaging and thoughtful conversation with patients; understand various eye anatomy and how it functions within the visual system; appreciate ophthalmic lenses, their coatings and applications.