I Can't Wear My Contacts

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Contact lens technicians are often faced with patients who experience great levels of frustration over not being able to wear their contact lenses. In fact, some patients are even left to exclaim, “I can’t wear my contacts!” The seasoned fitter will recognize the various possibilities for lens discomfort and be able to diagnose the issue. The potential reasons for distress are almost as numerous as the ocean of lens brands and modalities that seek to resolve the issues – from deposition to inversion to corneal abrasions there are an innumerable offering of contact lens maladies that may await the unsuspecting wearer. Though impossible to cover all explanations for contact lens discomfort, this course will guide the reader through many of the common hazards that are faced by the wearer.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to: have a solid understanding of a variety of concepts that are related to contact lens comfort; broaden their knowledge base of anatomical concerns related to contact lens use; challenge common thought patterns related to contact lens wear and patient satisfaction; be able to sort through contact lens complications and apply a working knowledge.