Swimming in Contacts

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Water is innately involved in all aspects of our existence. Our grand inhabitation, the Earth, is comprised of 71% water. Water is one of the greatest and most fundamental requirements for life. Therefore, we are not to be surprised that many harmful and unwelcomed guests may be found living in the water that we encounter on a daily basis. Microorganisms and other nuisances flourish in the water that surrounds us. The danger of water is that its clarity may be mistaken for purity. Through this course, the reader will learn all about the fundamentals of water, and reasons why the contact lens wearer should be cautious.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to: learn the composition and behavior of water; learn how contact lenses act in situ while in water; learn about various disorders related to wearing contact lenses in water; understand the importance of properly educating contact lens patients.