The Great Cover-Up

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It is counter-intuitive that contact lenses can be beneficial to one’s health; however, bandage lenses offer multiple benefits such as protecting the cornea, providing comfort, and promoting ocular healing. These therapeutic lenses serve the ocular surface through a variety of conditions. Through this course, the reader will learn what bandage contact lenses are, why they are so important, and when their use may benefit patients in a clinical setting. This course will survey the basic anatomy and physiology of the cornea, establishing an appreciation for the important role of these lenses in relation to the anterior surface of the eye. The reader will also learn about general lens modalities, fitting characteristics, and conditions that are inclined to benefit from the use of therapeutic lenses. This course will translate to a deeper understanding of the usefulness of bandage lenses as part of an effective treatment plan for many patients.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to: understand what bandage contact lenses are, and how they may provide therapeutic benefits; learn about the anatomy and physiology of the cornea; survey the primary conditions and situations wherein bandage lenses may be employed; recognize the ways in which a therapeutic contact lens may promote healing.