The Bright Side of KidZ

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Childhood is a critical time in the development of the eye and when good and bad eye care habits are formed. Many vision problems – such as trouble seeing up close or far away – first develop during childhood. While these problems are not life threatening, they need to be corrected early in order to avoid both short- and long-term consequences that can follow children into adulthood. There are also unique risks to eyesight that should be considered when dispensing to kids. And since the way children use their eyes today is different than past generations there are special considerations that need to be addressed for Generation Z
Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to: explore how different generations use their eyes – and what this means for Gen Z; understand the importance of vision for learning and childhood development, the need for eye care and eye protection (from UV and harmful blue light); detail ways opticians and staff can provide the best possible eye care to their younger patients.