Thats Not Normal - A Guide to Ocular Pathologies

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     Abnormal triangular fold of conjunctiva and fibrovascular tissue
     In interpalpebral fissure extending from conjunctiva to cornea

While similar to the pinguecula, a ptergyium has begun to invade the cornea. It can easily be seen using the diffuse beam on medium magnification or a direct beam. This pathology is also common in the 20 – 30 age group and in hot climates. Protection should be sought with sunglasses or goggles.

While not a painful ocular condition, when the growth begins to invade the cornea, it will definitely have impact on how all lens types fit the cornea. Depending on the size of the ptergyium, if it begins to invade the cornea centrally (at the pupil) it will begin to limit vision.

When the ptergyium and contact lenses don’t work together any longer, or when vision has become too compromised, the ptergyium can be surgically removed. The prognosis is generally good, yet corneal scarring is always a possibility with surgical removal.

Possible causes
     Exposure to sun, wind and dust
Contact lenses
     Soft lenses will definitely be problematic
     Small diameter RGP’s are possible, depending upon the size of the ptergyium