Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which courses have been approved by national organizations such as ABO / NCLE, AOA Paraoptometric, and COPE?

Each course in the online CE menu has its approval status listed. Simply mouse over the boards to view the status for the course.

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What if I have a state license in addition to, or in lieu of national certification?

Some states allow all or part of your CE requirements to be fulfilled online, while others require mandatory attendance at a live conference. For your convenience, we have posted a complete CE search engine for all state boards or governing bodies. Additionally, some states may only require CE courses that simply meet ABO / NCLE approval. In this case, the online courses in our approved menu will be accepted.

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Is every course on this site approved for continuing education credit?

No. Some courses are simply for review or training purposes. In order to prevent confusion, the material is divided into two distinct categories, Approved CE Courses and Exam/Review Training Modules.

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What do I do with the certificate you issue from the site?

If you are taking courses for ABO / NCLE certification renewal, or Florida Opticianry (CE Broker), you don't need to submit the paper copy. We report all completed tests electronically to ABO/NCLE every 30 days and CE-Broker (FL) every 60 days. Some state boards require you to keep a copy of the certificate for auditing purposes. They may even require you to send in proof of completion for license renewal. Always check with your state board if unsure. Should you need duplicate copies of a certificate, simply download them form your test history at any time.

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(Optician) How does the ABO / NCLE know if I passed a test?

We report all successfully completed tests to the ABO / NCLE electronically on the first of every month. If you selected the ABO or NCLE certificate when you completed the test, it will be on our report. Simple!

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(Optometrist) How does COPE know if I passed a test?

We report all successfully completed tests electronically to COPE every 60 days. As long as you provide your OE Tracker number in your profile and select the COPE certificate when completing the test, it will be sent to COPE. Please keep a copy of this certificate for your state board if required.

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When I log into the ABO/NCLE website I do not see my online test activity, but it shows as successfully completed in My Test History on your site.

Although we report electronically to ABO/NCLE, it could take 2-4 weeks AFTER WE REPORT for the activity to show up in your profile on the ABO/NCLE website. If you do not see your test activity on the ABO/NCLE website within 60 days after you have completed a test, please contact us.

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What if I take a course in late December, just before my license or certification expires?

With our system, the certificate is logged at the time and date you receive your grade. This means as long as the test is completed by 11:59pm EST on December 31st, your activity will count toward this renewal period.

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As a Gold or Platinum Member, do the credits in my account ever expire?

Never! Take CE whenever you like. Credits are only deducted when you completely finish the testing/grading process. Credits added by recharging your account or by utilizing the Tell-A-Friend feature, but they never expire.

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How will I know if I passed the test?

Once you submit your answers and complete the payment/grading process, you will be given your final score immediately. For most boards, you must achieve a minimum score of 70% to pass. For ABO / NCLE certificates, and state boards that use the ABO / NCLE certificates, an 80% is required.

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How long does it take to receive the continuing education certificate?

When you pass a test, you will be given the ability to select whatever certificates are available for that course, based on approval status. Select whichever ones you need, and they will instantly be sent to you via e-mail. Our system keeps track of which certificates you selected, and they will always be available for reprint from My Test History.

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To earn credits online, what is required other than taking the course and passing the test?

A valid credit card and valid e-mail address. You must also evaluate the course with the rating tool on each test page. This helps us maintain the quality and integrity of our course offerings.

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What if I need to speak to someone regarding the validity of an online CE course?

If you have specific questions regarding online CE, it is always best to contact your state board or national organization directly. Rules and regulations pertaining to CE requirements can and do change. You are always welcome to contact us if you need further assistance.

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How can I be notified of new courses when they become available?

Easy! Look for the "Notify Me" tab on the main site pages and enter your e-mail address and contact info. Or, just become a Standard, Gold or Platinum member of our site and receive notification automatically.

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