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Preparing for the ABO, NCLE or state licensing exam? Need to train your staff on basic fundamentals of optics or exam procedures? These comprehensive online modules let you learn at your own pace, and take practice exams right from your home or office!

If at first you don't succeed... go back and take it again! There is no time limit or expiration for viewing the material, and you can take the practice exams as often as necessary to achieve a passing or perfect score!

Once you purchase the Spectacle Lens Review or the Contact Lens Review, you will have access to it whenever you like, as often as you like.

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ABO Spectacle Review By Sam Winnegrad

ONLY $99.00 for (6) 1 Hr. Modules

Includes practice exams!

Module 1
  • Metric system;
  • Focal lengths;
  • Lens powers;
  • Transposition;
  • Astigmatism classification.
Module 2
  • Optical crosses;
  • Finding the power at a non-prescribed axis;
  • Spherical equivalent;
  • Calculating reading and intermediate Rx.
Module 3
  • Vertical decentration;
  • Decentration;
  • Minimum blank size;
  • Image jump.
Module 4
  • Splitting prism;
  • Prism direction;
  • Prentice's rule (applied to spherical Rx's);
  • Prentice's rule (applied to cylindrical Rx's).
Module 5
  • Vertex distance;
  • Slab off;
  • Common lens values;
  • Index of refraction.
Module 6
  • Fibrous tunic;
  • Vascular Tunic;
  • Retina, Tear film;
  • Eye chambers;
  • Extra-ocular muscles;
  • Refractive errors.
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Contact Lens Review By Diane Drake, FCLSA

ONLY $99.00 for (4) 2 Hr. Modules

Includes practice exams!

Module 1
  • Metric system;
  • Anatomy and physiology of the eye;
  • Corneal topography;
  • Keratometer use, pre-corneal tear film;
  • Tear quality and quantity and tests to evaluate tears.
Module 2
  • Ocular pathology;
  • Corneal defects congenital deformities / injuries / surgeries / medications affecting CL wear;
  • Refractive errors including astigmatism;
  • Slit lamp illuminations;
  • Muscle imbalances;
  • Lens types.
Module 3
  • Instrumentation and procedures for CL verification;
  • Tolerances;
  • Contact lens terminology;
  • Power of the lacrimal lens / tear lens;
  • Lens proofs;
  • Selecting first lens;
  • Nomograms;
  • Fitting criteria;
  • Vertex compensation.
Module 4
  • Evaluation;
  • Observation and determining fluorescein patterns;
  • Multi-focal CL designs;
  • Soft CL fitting; patient education and instruction;
  • Communication with your patients;
  • Regulations and agencies governing contact lenses.