Tell-A-Friend / Get-A-Credit

Earn a free CE credit on your
Gold or Platinum account in 3 easy steps!

Step One: Tell Your Friend

As a Gold or Platinum member, tell a friend or colleague about Quantum Optical Online CE.

Step Two: Your Friend Signs Up

When your friend signs up as a Gold or Platinum member, ask them to enter YOUR e-mail in the "Tell-A-Friend Referral" field on the "Create Account" form, as shown here.

Step Three: You Get a Free Credit

When your friend completes the registration process for their Gold or Platinum account, the number of credits in your account will automatically increase by one.

How Does it Work?

This a benefit for our Gold and Platinum members only! Free CE credits can only be added to existing accounts. YOU must currently be a Gold or Platinum member in order for this feature to work properly.

Your friend or colleague MUST sign up for either a Gold or Platinum account, and must enter YOUR exact e-mail address in the Tell-A-Friend Referral field on the "Create Account" page. Either membership type (Gold or Platinum) will earn you one free credit.

There is no limit as to how many credits you may accumulate with the Tell-A-Friend feature, and they don't expire! Tell as many friends as you like. Each time one of them opens a Gold or Platinum account with us, and follows the steps outlined above, you get another FREE credit. It's that simple!

Once your friend opens an account, they can accumulate free credits using the Tell-A-Friend feature too! Same rules apply.